Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Polar Bear Portraits

We completed a one day project with my second graders today. We discussed what a portrait was and fun facts about polar bears. Usually we draw snowman portraits, but I thought it would be fun for a little change.

These are the steps for this drawing. I showed students each step and they first drew together with pencil on light blue paper. Then traced with black crayon. We drew "rainbow" lines for ears, two circle eyes, an upside down triangle nose, and a smile.

Students colored their scarves with patterns. Patterns were colored with construction paper crayons (love them!). Then students colored in the body and drew snowflakes with a white oil pastel. I have used white crayon for the coloring before, but white pastel really does turn out so bright!

We completed these drawings in one forty-minute class. I love the way these turned out. Each one is unique!

One quick pointer, when coloring oil pastel emphasize the importance to color 'around' the face detail with the oil pastel and not on top. That oil pastel can cover up all that hard work quickly if done without notice.

9 x 12" light blue paper (although you could use any color)
Pencils and erasers
Construction paper crayons
Black crayons (could substitue with permanent markers)
white oil pastels (or white crayons)


  1. I have been looking through all the projects you've posted and I LOVE YOUR SITE!! I am not a teacher and don't have kids, but these projects are fantastic! I love how you incorporate different lessons, like symmetry and different cultures, into each work of art. So looking forward to reading more!

  2. Thank you so much! I so appreciate all the kind words :)