Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stacking Donuts

I've been really interested in exploring "food" themed art as of late. I have created hamburger collages with my students before, however I thought I'd give something new a try.  With my first graders I discussed Wayne Thiebaud and we created Stacking Donuts.

The vocabulary we learned about on this project were overlapping, realistic, texture, collage, and painting techniques.

We began by viewing visuals of Thiebaud's work from google images. We also looked at images from Dunkin Donuts. Then the first week students drew 5 or 6 circles on manila paper. Drew a hole in each circle. Traced with a black marker. Then colored the donuts with a brown crayon by rubbing. We rubbed with brown crayon to "cook" the donuts and even discussed the assembly line process that takes place at Krispy Kreme.

The second week we discussed glazes and icing. I had each table set up with one color of paint and a painting tool (brush or sponge brush). Students painted a donut then rotated to a new table and new color. Btw: spongebrushes with white paint made for excellent powdered donuts.

The third week we cut out our donuts and glued them to fill a tall 6 x 18" white paper. We could overlap some parts of the donuts. Then students rotated to different tables again for varying toppings. For example:  Yarn for icing, shredded white paper for coconut, chopped brown paper for nuts, hole-punched colors for sprinkles, etc

Hopefully I can post some finished products soon.

On another note: I learned from another art teacher about a nifty little paint tray = styrofoam egg cartons. Easy, holds well, and great way to recycle. If you notice the empty side is great to rest brushes on. I covered  with paper the parts of the tray that I didn't want paint in to keep them clean for other colors later.

This project took 3 forty minute sessions and each one was lots o' fun!

Pattern Tee Pees

Its been rather hectic in the world of the art room the last few weeks. To update I'm going to share a few lessons that we have been working on.

First, my kindergarteners have spent the last two weeks working on Pattern Tee Pees. These are turning out sooo well!

We began by viewing examples of Native American costumes, historical black and white photos, and tee pees. Then we discussed patterns and how we could find them on many tee pee examples.

(Student examples of their patterns)
I pre-cut paper bags from the grocery store down into quarters. It don't have example measurements, but you can use most any size you feel most comfortable with.  Then I had students draw lines across their paper to create patterns. We said the lines out loud as we drew.
(Table set up for drawing then painting)
Students then painted all the same type of lines 1 color, then rotated to a second table to paint their next type of line. We continued that so on and so forth to paint all the lines in our pattern.
The second week when the patterns were dry, students cut out a large triangle from the painted pattern paper. (This could be predrawn from a template on the back if needed).
We cut a door from black construction paper, then used brown construction paper rectangles glued to the top for the support poles.
This took 2 forty minute classes.
1. Brown paper bags (pre cut)
2. Tempera paint in varying colors
3. Brown crayons
4. Scissors
5. Glue
6. Black and brown construction paper