Monday, September 26, 2011

Makes Me Hungry!

This week I completed a fantastic collage with my second graders that I've titled "Sky High Double Cheeseburgers with Everything!"  Boy is that a way to catch a kid's attention. I was inspired by a lesson I found through another art teacher on Pinterest. Josette Brouwer's blog: is just a plethora of superb ideas and enthusiasim.

She did this lesson with K level students, but I thought I might give it a try with my second graders. We began by discussing shapes and how to draw them. Then we looked at specific art works by Claes Oldenburg: Floor Burger and Double Cheeseburgers (google 'em if you are interested).
From there we worked three weeks on this project gradually adding more and more to our burgers. We had a great time and my students are very proud of their work.

Bun: Brown construction paper circle cut in half
Meat/Veggie burger: Brown marker oval
Onions: Purple construction paper ovals with white lines
Tomato slice: red construction paper circle with white drawing
Bacon: Orange rectangle with yellow and red lines
Cheese: Yellow construction with holes punched
Pickles: Dark green construction paper circles with yellow or white crayon
Olives: Light green construction paper ovals with red crayon
Lettuce: Green tissue paper wrinkled
Ketchup: Red yarn
Mustard: Yellow yarn
Sesame seeds: Holes punched from cheese

Students were allowed a lot of freedom of where to place their toppings. However, our goal was to fill space and utilize some overlapping of each shape.

Some students weren't all too eager to add toppings to their burger they wouldn't normally eat. However once I explained it was a feast for their eyes, not their mouth they were much more inclined to stack their burgers high.

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