Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marker Paint at Work - Warm and Cool color Seascapes

I started making liquid watercolor last spring and I've been very eager to try it out with my students. My 4th graders had the honor of testing out my paints on their warm and cool color seascapes.

We first reviewed landscapes and compared the difference between landscapes and seascapes with a variety of visual aids. We then drew our horizon line. Students added cool color crayon lines for waves below the horizon line. We also added warm color lines above the horizon line to define the sunset sky.  Lastly, we created shadowed boats out on the water with black sharpie.

To paint our seascapes, students used dry brushes. I placed a paper towel at each table so that students could dry their brushes between painting each color. We kept our cool colors below and warm colors above the horizon line. Students could paint right over their boats since the sharpie was permanent. I think these turned out spectacular!

While painting, I had students paint their warm colors first then lastly the cool colors. I emphasized the opportunity to blend colors together which the students found to be very exciting. One of my favorite parts of this project were the reactions the students had to the crayon resist. No matter how many times we paint over crayon, they never stop being surprised by the interaction of wax and water.

This project took 2 forty minute classes to complete.
Materials: 9 x 12" white paper, crayons sorted into warm and cool colors, black fine point sharpies

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