Monday, October 24, 2011

Shapely Farm Animals for Kindergarteners!

This week and next my kindergarteners are learning about the farm in their classrooms. To tie in with their curriculum, we are creating cow drawings this week. We are using different types of lines and shapes to create the cow and a landscape around it.

We first read a fantastic book called Click Clack Moo by Doreen Cronin. We observed the cows illustrated in the books and took note of the pattern on their bodies.

Then we began drawing first with black crayon. I drew an example on the board and students drew with me to create their cows. We used a rectangle for the body, long vertical rectangles for legs, an oval head, and triangle tail. We also added details like eyes, ears, nostrils, a 'chin', and spots.

Students then created a horizon line with green for the grassy landscape the cow lives in. Students colored green from their horizon line to the bottom of the paper.

Students also drew a yellow sun and a red barn using squares and triangles.
To complete our works, students then painted a watercolor wash over our papers with the exception of avoiding the cow. The best part was the amazement over the yellow crayon of the sun resisting the blue watercolor. Seeing the surprise in their little faces never gets old.

I love the way these turned out and they are all unique. (The faces alone vary each cow's personality) Next week we will work on pigs... I so enjoy just a simple animal of shapes!

This project took 1 forty-minute class.
Materials: Black crayons, green crayons, yellow crayons, red crayons, blue watercolor
Vocabulary: Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Oval, Circle, Horizon line, resist

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