Monday, April 9, 2012

Something Fishy Going on Around Here

The past two weeks my primary kids have been working on Ocean themed projects. There's a PTO program coming up and the halls are taking on a very nautical theme.

Last week kindergartners created Jellyfish sculptures. These were a huge hit! I know some people regard paper plates as a poor means of sculpture, but when I have zero dollars to spend on supplies and over 100 kids sometimes the paper plate is my best option. I try to do the most with what I have to work with. Besides, isn't this the prettiest little paper plate you have ever seen?

Students were asked to draw patterns with crayons onto the plate.
Next students glued long strings of tissue paper (purples, pinks, and whites) onto the straight edge of the plate. Students could even draw patterns onto the tissue paper tentacles. K students LOVE these! Especially the sound they make when we swam them back to the classroom.

This project took 1 forty minute class.
1 half paper plate, tissue paper in various colors cut into strips, crayons, and school glue.
One point I want to mention in regards to this project is the fact ALL my kindergarteners wanted to "Buzz" their jellyfish. I've discovered SpongeBob has lead our students astray into thinking jellyfish do in fact buzz. <insert a huge sigh here>

Then this week we have made Watercolor Resist seascapes!
We first drew the sand and seaweed together. But the rest was up to them. I had several posters of fish, whales, dophins, etc displayed on the board for reference. Students were allowed to draw any real sea creature or people who could also visit the ocean. Sunken ships and treasure were also options.

Look at the mer-couple! Even the crabs are holding hands. This is so cute!  When this child asked me "Can I draw a mermaid?" I asked her if that was a 'real' sea animal. She responded with "I believe in them." So I agreed to it. So glad I did!

Very alert crab!

(Love the Bermuda pink sand!)

Love when the page is filled!

Also the book fair is here this week, yay! These fantastic books made their way into my arms. I'm so excited about them.
Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin
You are My Work of Art by Sue DiCicco
Baby Bear Saw Blue by Ashley Wolff
Leap Back Home to Me by Lauren Thompson

Spring break is next week... finally.

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