Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello Fruit Face!

The past few weeks my 4th graders have been very busy working on fruit and vegetable portraits. These are very popular every year, although starting off can be difficult. I collect pictures from magazines of all sorts of fruits and veggies to help them get some inspiration. 

We also take a look at examples of these types of portraits by Guiseppe Arcimboldo at:

My project rules are:
1. The entire portrait must be created from fruits and vegetables. No pizza, no meat, no dessert. But I do allow seeds and nuts on this project.
2. Students may use parts of the fruit or veg (slices) or change the proportion of things. For example large strawberry head, but small watermelon slice mouth.
3. Lastly, students are to create a frame around their portrait using fruit and veg. It could be only one item, it could be a pattern, or completely random.

We began with pencil and 9 x 12" paper. Students then traced or outlined their fruits and veggies with color markers. We then colored the inside of their shapes with crayons.

This has taken us three forty-minute sessions including a lengthy discussion and introduction on the first meeting. Students who finish early are assigned what I'm calling Vegetable Cars!  Although, I actually gave them the option of choosing any mode of transportation they wanted...planes, trains, helicoptors, monster trucks, etc
They start off the same way as the portraits.. trace with marker... color in with crayon.
My boys especially enjoyed this and I even saw a few fruit and veggie UFOs.

My example

Love these every year. Hopefully I will have a few to hang in the cafeteria soon!

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