Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer is Here!

Summer is here! So the blog may be experiencing less attention for a bit.

In regards to the fall, I recently found out that I will be experiencing some changes in my schedule and time spent at my two schools. This next school year will likely be an adjustment and learning how to balance more time at the primary school. Isn't it fun when administrators shake things up?

This isn't my first choice, but I will do what is asked of me and try to make things work. Besides, this gives me an opportunity for some classroom redecorating. Woo! The walls at the primary school seem a little bland in comparison to my very busy intermediate walls. Time to snazz things up a bit!

I have a few fun plans for summer as well. Doing a little traveling and hoping to find some inspiration for projects while I'm out and about. Hope everyone out there has a splendid summer!

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