Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boston MFA

I had the privilege of visting Boston this week and it was a whirlwind!
The Museum of Fine Arts is entirely too expansive to try and squeeze into one day. I did get a few ideas on how to enhance some of my curriculum from this trip.

Renoir's paintings of dancers were on loan from Paris and it was truly spectacular to see them in person. When I discuss movement and dance in future projects I think I will refer to these pieces. They can make a great comparison.

In the Ancient Art works section I found the greek pottery display. After seeing this I feel more inclined to try out a lesson on a 2D pottery drawing. I've put it off for a while, but after seeing the real thing in person I am feeling more inspired to give it a go!

I love contemporary art. I know a lot of it can be really zany or out there, but sometimes I just need something fun or outrageous to look at. I found this absolutely splendid example of food art:

Reminds me so much of my sky high cheeseburgers. This Dagwood Sandwhich even has anchovies... Ooooh we are going to totally have that as an option with our next project!

Toodles for now! Off to some more summer adventures!

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