Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kindergarten Patchwork Color Mixes

In making up for lost time I will let you know what my kindergarteners have learned about the past few weeks.
We read the book "Mouse Paint" by Ellen Stoll Walsh. I adore that story about primary and secondary colors. Then we created our own mixed colors like the mice in the story.

As prep I pretaped 9 x 12" white paper with masking tape with three pieces that crossed to the other side. This created a window/patchwork effect.

Then at each table I placed a cup of liquid watercolor for each primary color: red, yellow, blue.
Students painted each primary color into 2 squares. Then we added another primary color to each box to mix the colors. Most students did well with this, but my kids who don't always follow directions did get all six colors we wanted to see. On a positive note everyone had a beautiful picture no matter the results.
As we prepared to leave I sprinkled a tiny bit of salt on a few squares of each paper and asked students to watch and see if "snowflakes" would appear on their paper. This they LOVED!  After papers dried I peeled off the tape and returned them to the students.

This project took 1 forty minute class with kindergarten students.
We used the following materials:
1. 9 x 12" white paper
2. masking tape
3. liquid watercolor in red, yellow, blue
4. paintbrushes and water
5. salt
**Issues I faced with this project was that taping is very time consuming... prepare way ahead of time. Secondly, the tape can tear the paper so a strong paper would be best or a weak tape. A few tore a little bit, but a piece of scotch tape across the back of the tear took care of those problems.
Happy Painting!

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