Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Statue of Liberty - American Symbols

My 1st graders have a PTO play coming up around election day and I try to help out with decor when I can. My students have started a mix media piece that features the Statue of Liberty! 
We first started by discussing where the statue came from, where does she rest, and what is she made of?  I then read students story called Liberty's Journey by Kelly DiPucchio and Richard Egielski . It has great visuals of the statue.

We then drew her together on a 9 x 12" piece of white paper. Students draw her with pencil. I use the following steps:

**Warning, the bent arm holding the book is by far the most challenging. Take that part slowly.
As we drew I told the students interesting facts about the statue. For example: Her 7 spikes symbolize the 7 seas and the 7 continents. The tablet in her arms has America's birthday written on it.
Our plan is to trace over them with black sharpie next week and paint them green with liquid watercolor. The third week we will create a night time seascape with fireworks for her. We will cut out and glue our statues to the center.
They all look so different already. I love the personality that each student gives their statue :)

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