Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Matisse Helped Me Save my Technology

I love all this super cool technology this year to use at my primary school. I have an Elmo (awesome!), prometheon board (another version of smart board), and my lap top that I carry between schools. I am very thankful for the technology and I use it every week. However, my little students don't have the self-control to keep their little hands off of it yet.

The problem is that all my technology is set up by the doorway and when we line up my usual suspects are the ones sticking their hands all over it. Needless to say, no matter how many times we go over the rules some of my kids just can't seem to keep their hands to themselves.
I've come up with a conclusion that will hopefully derail all the dirty finger prints and cooties being shared over my technology.

My promethon board, lap top, and elmo. Notice a nice distance between our line and technology.

Yesterday and today I created a picture line on the floor. (This idea I'm borrowing from a fellow teacher in my system) I cut out Matisse inspired shapes from peel and stick material that was donated by a parent (woo! love when parents send stuff in!).  I began adhering the shapes from where the door opens and around my classroom tables far away from my technology. 

We begin our line on the orange swirl.

My students were very excited about the designs on the floor and were eager to find out what shape they would get to stand on when we lined up. So far this looks to be a good idea. Time will tell how long this material will hold up with 300 little feet standing on it each week.

Our line swerves to accommodate the furniture placement in the room.
I actually had so much fun creating this picture line it became hard to stop.

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