Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Funky Fall Trees

My second graders just finished some fun and funky fall trees!

Students first drew their tree with pencil onto 9 x 12" white paper. I showed them how to create a 'stick' tree at first that included roots, trunk, and swirling branches.
We painted the background with red, yellow, and orange liquid colors. We painted right over the tree then allowed these to dry. I suggested students paint in a horizontal motion and allow colors to mix. But everyone did their own thing.
The second week we reviewed our warm colors, then painted our trees with black tempera to create a silhouette. The key was to hold our brushes like a basketball player... TALL.
After we painted our art work skinny, students then went back a second time to thicken up their branches, trunk, and roots. We went right over or next to the first lines we painted.


I love the way they all turned out. We have had so many great comments on our works. Each one is so original!
We are now moving on to our Burger collages... one of my favorite projects of the year.  You can find that post here: Burger Collages
This project took 2 forty minute classes and used the following materials:
9 x 12" white construction/heavy weight paper
pencils and erasers
liquid watercolor - red, yellow, orange
black tempera
small paint brushes (size 6)

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