Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kindergarten Shape Mice

My kindergarteners have been learning about "pets" and families in their classrooms. I have a storybook from my childhood that is all about pets. Its called "At Mary Bloom's" by Aliki.

This book is nearly impossible to find. I've looked on Amazon for a new copy, but this one is out of print. If you find one anywhere hold on to it. You can tell my copy is a bit beat up.
The point of the story is this little girl has a mouse that has babies. She would like to share them with her friend Mary Bloom, but there are a whole series of pets at her house. It has super onomatopoeia and my students loved saying the sounds with me.
After our story, we created our own little mice using shapes.

On a piece of brown construction paper I had students trace a tear drop shape. Then draw or trace two ovals (depending on how capable you feel your students are thus far in the year).
Students cut out the tear drop and two ovals. We glued them together to create the body and ears. We cut out small pink ovals for the inner ear and glued them into the large ovals. Students then cut out a black circle for the nose and drew eyes on with black crayon.
The last step was gluing on a long strip of brown construction paper to the end of the body. I showed students how to create a curly tail by wrapping the paper around their finger or their black crayon.
(The mice have invaded!)

We allowed our mice to dry in the hallways outside of our classrooms. They all turned out so fun :)

This project took 1 forty minute class and used the following materials:
1 - 9 x 12" brown construction paper sheet per student
pink scrap paper
small square of black construction paper
black crayons

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