Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Statues Complete!

My first graders have finished their statues and they look fantastic.
I left off in my last statue post that we drew our statues with pencil using the steps I provided the first week.

The second week we traced our statues with a black sharpie marker. Then we painted them green with liquid watercolor (created from dried out markers).

The third week we cut out our statues (this was by far the toughest part). Then we used construction paper crayons to draw a background for our statues. We drew wavy lines for the ocean, then a variety of lines from a middle dot for fireworks.

We glued a piece of brown paper to the bottom for the island, then glued our statues to the island. Make sure your toes touch the island!

Lastly, students added 4 or 5 dots of glue in the sky to which we added some glitter. They are fantastic and oh so adorable. After this project I must say that my students are definitely experts on the statue. Did you know that she was unvieled in October? So this is technically her birthday month. The old gal is 126 this year and looks darn good for a lady over 100.

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